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I don’t think Tyler Kwon will end up marrying Jessica. He is just using her to make money and business connection. Jessica wants to push for marriage, but Tyler himself said he’s not getting married anytime soon, not this year, not next year (check his Weibo post to confirm).

He just want attention, and having relationship with celebrities is publicity for him.

He did the same to Gilian Chung, he’d probably be doing the same to Jessica.

Some even speculated that he was paid to ruin the synergy between SNSD members. LOL. I’m not even surprised if that was real.

Red Velvet 레드벨벳_행복(Happiness)_Music Video

Tiffany: The True Story of an Angel


This was one of the most requested reposts. Our main admin was able to find a working version of this from another person’s reblog.

Here is the true story of an angel that has walked unnoticed among us.


These are the sketches of an artist’s experiences, on real-life happenings while living in Seoul. This has been up for years but has only recently come into international prominence after being highlighted on national television by Mnet WIDE.

This is the true story of his encounter with the trainee “Stephanie Hwang”, before she became Tiffany of Girls’ Generation.

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"Krystal would walk all over me ._." Show me a man that wouldn't want Krystal walking all over them.
Soshi members and their mature celebrity counterpart

Soshi members and their mature celebrity counterpart

I noticed that there are a few fansites photographers for specific SNSD members blur other SNSD members’ face (usually Hyoyeon) when they upload the photos on their site. I strongly find this as disrespectful. If I find any of you guys doing this again, I will edit your photos and remove your watermark. I don’t care. You are not respecting SNSD as a group, don’t call yourself OT9.

Example of a cunt at work (Hyoyeon’s face is blurred by photoshop, not out of focus) …. 



fat gifs test


Double You new main….:))



like a boss

I’m dying laughing while I type this